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How Much Did I Spend Winner!! April 30, 2009

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Melissa won! She guessed $18.50 and I actually spent $19.72

Melissa has won a $10.00 giftcard to Amazon. 

I will be contacting you by email!


Thanks for playing. If you like this game, we will play again, let me know!


Free Craft Workshops for Kids at Michaels

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Have Dad take the kids to Michaels for some free workshops! The kids can make some really cute free gifts for Mom. Click here for more information.

The list of gifts include keepsake plate, tshirt and the cute little wooden frame showed in this post. To top it all off, they have a decorate a cookie with Mom on May 10th.


Deal Alert – Kmart Super Doublers & Triplers!

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Guess what Kmart is doing it again! You got it, Super Doublers again at Kmart! Some are even doing super triplers — Click here to check what your store is doing!  Note: I have two stores equal distance from my house. One is doing 75 cent doublers, one is doing 75 cent triplers, plus doubles up to $2.00. I know which store I will be shopping  at!  This is a great opportunity to use some of the coupons that were out of stock last time!


Deals of the Day – The Early Edition

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There are alot of things going on this morning in the world of free and cheap, so these are the deals of the day, the early edition.


serveimageaspxThere are some great Kelloggs coupons for $1.00 off many of the most popular cereals so be sure to grab these this morning.  My local stores have been having some great sales, not to mention Kmarts Super Doublers, where I made $$ buying Kellogs cereal. Get them here.  You will want to print these quick, they will go fast.

 If you shop at Acme Markets, you will definitely want to get these, as many Kelloggs cereals  are going on sale starting tomorrow and will be 49 cents per box when combined with  in ad coupon and the $1.00 off coupon!   There is a limit on this purchase of 4.


Walmart also has a few hot deals as well. Get a free lint roller using the coupon for $1.00 off found here.  The trial sized Evercare lint rollers are priced at .99 cents. 

Walmart also has Velveeta  Mac & Cheese on sale. Use this coupon for $1.50/2 to get it for .25 cents a box!


Visit Vivemejor here for a bunch of free samples, including Ponds, Carress and Hellmans.


Weis Market – Updates & Adds

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Dipaolo Momma was kind enough to add a few deals to be noted for Weis.

1. Maryland Stores – The bacon that is BOGO is Gwaltney.

2.  She also reminded me that their was an Arm& Hammer dryer sheet coupon for $1.00 on smartsource or Weis website, and they are 10/10, making them free.

3.  Look out for the coupons in the dairy section, in the MD store she found some .50 Kraft shredded cheese and they match up to this week 2/4 Kraft Deal.

Thanks a bunch Dipaolo Momma and by the way, I quicked peeked at her blog, good stuff!

It’s a busy week at Weis, I am going there in a few minutes, will provide an update if I find anything else that is worth mentioning. Please let me know if I have missed anything else!


Weis Markets 4/30 – 5/06 April 29, 2009

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weisWeis – Kings – Mr.Z’s


Looks like this week will be pretty good at Weis. There are a few frees and some good prices! 

There is a huge 10/10 sale this week. It says thousands of items on sale.

I will check out what else is on sale when I make my trip there tomorrow!

There are some good produce prices as well.


Page 1

 Bottom Round Roasts    $1.49 lb

Boneless Sliced Country Style Ribs  BOGO

Kunzler Sliced Bacon BOGO

Green Giant Vegetables includes Fresh Valley Steamers 10/ $10

  – free after doubling use .50/1 from 04/05/09 SS or .50/1 from here  or .60/2 from here

San Giorgio Pastas – 10/$10

Ken’s Salad Dressing – 10/$10

 – free or cheap after coupon – use multiple coupons from 03/08/09 SS

Red Globe Seeded Grapes – sold by the pound  10/ $10

Yellow Squash – sold by the pound 10/ $10

Garden Fresh Green Beans – sold by the pound  10/ $10



Page 2

Philly Sandwich Steaks BOGO

Kunzler Meat Franks  BOGO 

Banquet Brown and Serve Sasuage Links – 10/$10


Page 3

Sea Watch Clam Strips BOGO


Page 4

Jolly Time Popcorn  BOGO (This should make for some cheap popcorn)

– use $1.00 off one here or .50/1 from 03-29 SS or 1.00/2 from 3-29 SS

Ruffles Potato Chips BOGO


Page 5

Ideal No Calorie Sweetner $2.29

– use $1.00 off from 03-01-09 RP – also don’t forget your FREE coupon from 04/26/09  RP

Pillsbury Savorings 3/$9.99

– use .55/1 from 04/26 SS or 03/15 SS


 Page 6 – 7    Many 10/$10 items- alot are Weis brand, the best of the deals are:

Weis Butter Quarters

Big Top Apple Juice

Weis English Muffins

Weis Sour Cream

Other 10/$10 items:

Totinos Pizza Roll 10/$10

 – use .40/2 from 04/05 SS

Furmano’s Diced or Whole Tomatoes 10/$10

– use 1.00/3 from 04-26-09 SS

Angel Soft Toliet Paper, 4 rolls, $10/10

– free after doubling, use  .50/1 here

Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes 10/$10

Hagen Daas Ice Cream 10/$10

Ronzoni Pasta 10/$10

– use #04-05-09 SS $1.00/2 from 03/08 SS

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap 10/$10

– use .35/1 from 04/26 SS 

Melitta Coffee Filters  10/$10 – I am all over these, they usually cost $2.12 at Walmart


 Page 10

Vidalia Onions sold by the lb 10/$10

Garlic Sleeves of 5 10/$10

Did I miss anything? Leave it below in the comments!







What’s Going on Wednesday!

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Each Wednesday I will bring you What’s Going On. This post will feature what is going on in my frugal little world and how I am surviving frugality. You’ll find some great tips on how to do things on a budget!

I made a trip to Goodwill last week. I was in the process of redecorating my home office.  I needed some finishing touches to go with my new desks (one for me and one for the wee one).  I have not been in a Goodwill for years.  In my quest to be more financially fit, I decided that Goodwill might be a good place to start. Well let me tell you, if you haven’t been to Goodwill since 1992 like me, you will be in for a big surprise! I was able to find all the wall decor that I needed (and liked)for under $12.00.

Here is something that I did not know- Target donates its customer returns, damaged items and seasonal items to Goodwill’s thrift shops.  I was suprised at how many of the items in the store where brand new with tags from Target.  Everyone knows I love a good deal from Tar-jay’s clearance aisles.  Who knew I could find it at Goodwill!!

I found a great Umbra collage picture frame that I saw at our Target for $25.99 for $5.99 – it fit perfectly and I was able to match it to a Umbra tack board I bought at the store on clearance.  (see picture- I do have it filled with great shots of my son, but he insist that I not put his picture on the internet, because has learned about internet predators in his 1st grade class. I am OK with that!)   There were many other cute Target items there, but keep in mind, some prices may be higher than the Target clearance price.  You just have to be a saavy shopper and look for the best deals.


Other great items I found were shadow boxes. They were $3.00 for three. They were in perfect shape after a quick wipe down. I put a couple candles I had sitting around along with my a picture of my husband and son (I am hoping this picture is ok with my son, because you can’t see his face and he is about half the size he currently is). It filled an empty corner nicely.


My final find was picture frames. They are frames designed to look like the picture is free floating. The wall color comes through on the clear part of the frame. I saw these at Wal-Mart for $6.00 each.  I took some pictures outside and had them printed at Walmart. The frames were only $1.00 each. I printed three prints in different tones and put them side by side on the wall.  As I am taking pictures for the post, I realized how crooked the photos are. You get the idea, just hang them straight.


My goal is to finish this room in the next few weeks. I want to stay under $50.00 for accessories.  I am going to try to get to a few garage sales since the weather is getting nicer.

So thats what is going on with me on this beautiful Wednesday. What going on with your Wednesday?