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Real Life Product Review — Spot Shot April 9, 2009

Filed under: Product Reviews — Shannon @ 2:08 pm

Somewhere along the line, I had the brilliant idea to paint my office, mistake #1.  I decided to have my Dad help, mistake #2.  We started painting and decided to clean up for the night,  leave everything laying in the same place until the next day, mistake #3.  My dog decided to take a walk thru the paint and put about 200 blue paw prints on my light tan carpet.  After a few minutes of insanity, a friend recommended I go to Walmart and pick up some cleaner. Enter Spot Shot.  Can I just tell you how this little bottle saved me $600??? Every single blue paw print gone!

The Good: This stuff just might be able to take ANYTHING off a carpet.  No bleaching of the carpet, and the fibers don’t looked mashed down from scrubbing the product in. Dries nicely – no sign of stains.

The Bad:  The smell is pretty foul. Reminds me of an old kerosene heater my aunt had when I was a kid.  I researched and the product is non-toxic, but I would suggest opening a window if you are going to use the whole bottle in a 12 x 12 room like I did. I’d imagine you will only be cleaning up 1 stain, not 200.

The Verdict:  This is a must have on hand product , unless you want to do a Walmart run at 11pm.

Coupon: I found a coupon on their website at


Disclaimer: Yes, I am truly an idiot who left paint out for her dog to walk in.   I did use this product. No one asked me to or paid me to.  My experiences are not necessarily going to be your experience. I would not suggest you allow your dog to get paint on your carpet to see if your outcome will be the same.


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