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Real Momma Movie Review — Bedtime Stories April 9, 2009

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This Disney movie stars a-not-so-likely Disney movie actor, Adam Sandler.  I was suprised that Sandler was going to be in a Disney movie — he is not exactly what I would call a children’s actor. However, Sandler suprised me. His silly persona came thru without his normal questionable antics.  This movie captures some of the magic of being a child and being able to dream. 

Premise:   Sandler stars as the uncle to two children whose mother is looking for a new job because her school is closing. Sandler babysits the children while she is away. During the overnight stays, they create wacky bedtime stories that seem to come to life the next day.

Violence:  Very Mild.  Mostly cartoon style violence, I think there is worse on Spongebob.

Spoken Word:  Mild – butt kiss, shut up. Not words that I want my kid to say, but not so bad that his ears will burn.

Consumption of Adult Beverages: Very Mild. Adults have champagne at a party. Unless your kid knows what champagne is, just say it’s the fancy apple juice!

The Dirty:  Very Mild.  Flirtation and kiss by man and woman. No worries here, everyone keeps their clothes on while sitting in the hot tub.

For the Mommas:  Your kids will like this movie. You may think its a little hokey and silly, but it will not bore you to tears. You won’t have to cover their eyes every six minutes. You can even fall asleep for a few minutes and not have to worry about them seeing or hearing something that you wouldn’t want them too.  I was a little disturbed by the guinea pig, but thats just because rodents freak me out that way.

How Old: Momma says this movie is good for children aged 5 and up.  If your child might be distrubed by a hamburger eating, ketchup loving  rodent that walks on a tread mill, you may want to skip it.


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