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Deals of the Day April 17, 2009

Filed under: Deals and Steals — Shannon @ 2:54 am

Kmart will be having Super Doublers again at select stores. Not all stores participate, but the current circulars are up on and you check to see if your store is participating.

To clarify how Kmart’s super doublers work — Kmart will double any coupon up to $2.00, so a $2.00 coupon is worth $4.00!!   This is an awesome opportunity to get some great prices on household products!  I plan on checking out my local Kmart, I will make  a list of goodies that are free or cheap and post later tomorrow night.


Sierra Mist has a great new flavor out — Ruby Splash and a great new coupon for you to try it for free – Buy one Sierra Mist, get a Ruby Splash free coupon here.


Gilette is giving away 500 razors a day thru mid May! Check it out here. Thanks to Mercedes for finding this!


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