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Real Momma Movie Review – Marley and Me April 20, 2009

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If you are looking for a laugh out loud family comedy from start to finish, Marley and Me is NOT that movie. Despite what the previews portrayed, this movie is a drama, with some comedy mixed in.  If you need a pick me up, this is NOT the movie.  If you need to keep the kids busy while you clean about the house, this is NOT the movie.

Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson star as an unlikely couple who are recently married. Anniston’s character wants to start a family, Wilson’s character not so much.  A friend suggests a puppy – enter Marley, a rambunctious pup, who any normal person would of took to the pound. The dog is just a terror in the first degree.

The movie begins to focus more on family drama then the dog at some points, and becomes more of a drama about the growth of a family, rather then the family comedy I was expecting when I sat down to watch this.

I will warn you – you will laugh, scowl, laugh and cry throughout this movie.  It’s an emotional roller coaster, tissues are necessary.

Violence: Mild – Marley’s antics are bad, but never violent.  They may want to kill Marley at times, but they don’t. There is a scene where a neighbor has been stabbed by an attacker, the stabbing is not seen but it is talked about.

Spoken Word: Moderate  –  There are not a lot of inappropriate words, but ass, damn and goddamn are said throughout. No four letter zingers included in this movie.

Consumption of Adult Beverages/ Illegal Drugs: Moderate – There is some mention of  marijuana and beer consumption. If I had to act with Owen Wilson, that would be enough to drive me to drink.

The Dirty: Strong  – For those of you who watch Grey’s Anatomy, I felt like I was watching Sloane in this movie. Sebastian (Eric Dane)  is always trying to get a woman and talking about them like they are meat in his crass little way. (of course he is Eric Dane , I digress) There are lots of themes that aren’t appropriate for small children – miscarriage, marital problems, Anniston swimming nude in the pool telling Wilson to come in for his present (you can not see anything, but the innuendo is there), there is also implied sex when the bed is making loud sounds.  On a side note, I have never heard a bed make such loud creaking sounds. Good Lord.

For the Mommas:  I wish I would not have allowed my 6 year old to see this.  He was very confused by the movie.  While the movie was not blatantly inappropriate  in any area, there just seemed to be a lot of powerful adult themes in this movie.  If there had been just one or two of these throughout the movie, I could have overlooked it. I don’t want to spoil the movie for you, so I will say that there are some other things that some sensitive children may not be able to handle. On the plus side, some serious eye candy for Mom – Eric Dane is hotter than ever in this movie. Ok, ok, Jennifer Anniston isn’t looking bad for being 40+.

How Old:  I would say rent this and watch it first!  It is not a bad movie, the dogs they use in the movies are wonderful.  This movie would be best suited for children aged 10 and over.  If your children under 10 are going to watch it, I would definitely be there and AWAKE the entire movie!
Even better, read the book!
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2 Responses to “Real Momma Movie Review – Marley and Me”

  1. dlovejoy Says:

    great tip on target coupons. i didn’t know!
    blog looks great!

  2. Jim Daniels Says:

    Looks like a great family movie. Most of the movies involves with dogs are pretty good, like Beethoven and Cats & dogs.

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