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Refinance Frenzy – How to Save a Few Dollars! April 21, 2009

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With the interest rates so low, so many people are refinancing. As usual, I am always trying to find out how to save more money, so I looked at where I could cut costs!

I found that in my state, my title insurance would be about $1905.00… OUCH! That is a big huge cost that I had to take into consideration. So, I found Entitle Direct.. and their cost was $935.00 for the same insurance.  WOW is all I can say. Not to mention, their staff was amazing and so friendly. They had a great online system to get started. The whole process was great. So if you are refinancing, you may want to check out Entitle Direct! While they don’t do work in every state, they do cover quite a few.


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