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Deals of the Day – Earth Day Edition April 22, 2009

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I am trying to do more to be green. I will confess, I am not a super greenie, just two years ago, I wouldn’t even recycle.  However,  I recently have been trying to do my part.  It has been little things really. For example, recycle all my cans, jars and plastics.  I know not life altering, but if we all do it we will make a difference.  I also stopped putting my son’s lunches in plastic baggies – instead I bought a sandwich and fruit container (I definitely am saving money, those baggies are EXPENSIVE!)

I recently started buying recycled paper towels – my husband is not a fan, but he will live. I also switched to 3x concentrated detergent so that there is less packaging. I also bought a Brita pitcher – getting used to this one! Little things! What little things have you done to be green?

In honor of Earth day, there are a bunch of freebies out there.


Bring in 3 plastic bottles to any Disney Store on April 22nd and receive a free gift, a cute little Mickey Water bottle– Check it out here.


Calypso Studios will be giving away 1,000 SHOP Totes on April 22nd, enter by 12 noon- check it out here.


Aveeno will be giving away eco friendly totes and the Aveeno Brand will donate $10 to Global Green USA for each tote given away – check it out here.


Earthbound Farms is giving away 10,000 totes each week to the first 10,000 people who take the pledge on their site – check it out here.


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