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Free Samples – Why you should request them! April 24, 2009

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At least once a week there is free sample in my mailbox, often a few times a week.  Sometimes my friends wonder why I even request the samples – alot of them are small or not a full usage size.  So why should you request samples?


1. Some samples include a coupon.  Some of the best coupons I have ever received are from sample requests. Companies give you the sample of their products so that you will try it, and then buy it. What better way to get you to buy it than a coupon! I often save these coupons for great sales.  They usually have longer than circular coupons expiration dates, so you can wait it out.

2. Food samples are sometimes full servings. I have received countless food samples that are great for snacks for my son or to throw in his lunch. These samples are great, we have received everything from granola bars to brownies!

3. Health and beauty products are perfect travel sizes. Save them for when you go out of town or when you are sending the kiddos to spend time at the grandparents.  On a recent trip, we had nothing but samples in our toiletry case. They are good for when your older children go to a sleepover as well.

4. Perfect size for airline regulations. The TSA has laws in place that only allow small amounts of liquid on planes. Most of the samples I receive are under this requirement. It saves me from buying a trial size, and from having to check my bag.

5. Sometimes I just run out of stuff (please don’t admit that to my husband, I NEVER FORGET ANYTHING 🙂  , that’s when I hit my sample drawer.  I have almost everything you can think of in there.

6. Trial sized aspirin and such are great to throw in your purse or diaper bag for a road trip.  Any medical supply in a trial size is great.

7.  You can donate toiletries to shelters, etc. if you can’t use them or even if you can. My son’s school frequently has donation drives. It is a great way for me to help without paying alot. It also teaches my son about giving!

8.  I like free stuff, doesn’t everyone?

Update: Ironically, just minutes after I posted this my son brought me this flyer for school and we filled up a bag of stuff for him to donate! This is the perfect time to use samples!



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