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Lets Play A Game – How Much Did I Spend? April 25, 2009

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 UPDATED:  Game Closed I spent $19.72 on this! Winner and prize announced later today!

In my quest to save money, I always love when I get a fabulous deal.  So for fun and a prize (I haven’t figured out what the prize is yet), how much did I spend on this shopping trip? ** The dish detergent at my sink wasn’t included on this trip!

To help you along, I purchased the following:

(4) Natures Source Cleaners

(4) Shoppers Brand Paper Towels

(2) Dry Idea Deodorants

(2) Aveeno Hand Lotion

(2) Clean and Clear Astrigents

(4) Vaseline Lotions

(2) Excedrin Migraine

(8) Viva Big Rolls

(2) 2 packs Marcal Papertowels

(4) Rolls Homelife TP

(8) Capri Suns

(1) Wishbone Dressing

(4) Pfeffier Dressings

(4) Campbells Baked Beans

(4) Store Brand Chicken Noodle Soup

(4) Store Brand Tomato Sauce

(4) Store Brand Canned Mushrooms

(4) Store Brand Frozen Veggies

(1) Grape Tomatoes

(1) 5 lb package of ground beef

(1) 3 lb rump roast

(4) Small boxes Jiffy

(4) Store Brand Pizzas


Any guesses?

Person closest to the actual purchase price wins something, I will have to come up with something!

Good Luck


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  1. Tanner Says:


  2. michele T Says:

    i guess $28.00

  3. maria Says:


  4. Daleene Says:

    I would say OOP $23.00

  5. Jessica Says:


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