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Weis Markets 4/30 – 5/06 April 29, 2009

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Looks like this week will be pretty good at Weis. There are a few frees and some good prices! 

There is a huge 10/10 sale this week. It says thousands of items on sale.

I will check out what else is on sale when I make my trip there tomorrow!

There are some good produce prices as well.


Page 1

 Bottom Round Roasts    $1.49 lb

Boneless Sliced Country Style Ribs  BOGO

Kunzler Sliced Bacon BOGO

Green Giant Vegetables includes Fresh Valley Steamers 10/ $10

  – free after doubling use .50/1 from 04/05/09 SS or .50/1 from here  or .60/2 from here

San Giorgio Pastas – 10/$10

Ken’s Salad Dressing – 10/$10

 – free or cheap after coupon – use multiple coupons from 03/08/09 SS

Red Globe Seeded Grapes – sold by the pound  10/ $10

Yellow Squash – sold by the pound 10/ $10

Garden Fresh Green Beans – sold by the pound  10/ $10



Page 2

Philly Sandwich Steaks BOGO

Kunzler Meat Franks  BOGO 

Banquet Brown and Serve Sasuage Links – 10/$10


Page 3

Sea Watch Clam Strips BOGO


Page 4

Jolly Time Popcorn  BOGO (This should make for some cheap popcorn)

– use $1.00 off one here or .50/1 from 03-29 SS or 1.00/2 from 3-29 SS

Ruffles Potato Chips BOGO


Page 5

Ideal No Calorie Sweetner $2.29

– use $1.00 off from 03-01-09 RP – also don’t forget your FREE coupon from 04/26/09  RP

Pillsbury Savorings 3/$9.99

– use .55/1 from 04/26 SS or 03/15 SS


 Page 6 – 7    Many 10/$10 items- alot are Weis brand, the best of the deals are:

Weis Butter Quarters

Big Top Apple Juice

Weis English Muffins

Weis Sour Cream

Other 10/$10 items:

Totinos Pizza Roll 10/$10

 – use .40/2 from 04/05 SS

Furmano’s Diced or Whole Tomatoes 10/$10

– use 1.00/3 from 04-26-09 SS

Angel Soft Toliet Paper, 4 rolls, $10/10

– free after doubling, use  .50/1 here

Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes 10/$10

Hagen Daas Ice Cream 10/$10

Ronzoni Pasta 10/$10

– use #04-05-09 SS $1.00/2 from 03/08 SS

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap 10/$10

– use .35/1 from 04/26 SS 

Melitta Coffee Filters  10/$10 – I am all over these, they usually cost $2.12 at Walmart


 Page 10

Vidalia Onions sold by the lb 10/$10

Garlic Sleeves of 5 10/$10

Did I miss anything? Leave it below in the comments!







11 Responses to “Weis Markets 4/30 – 5/06”

  1. […] has her list of the best deals at Weis up and here are some […]

  2. Danielle Says:

    Followed the link over from Moms Need to Know. AWESOME. I’ve been wishing someone would do the Weis deals for awhile now and haven’t found any. I figure them out myself but this way if I miss it on my own I’ll probably see it here, and even find links to coupons I didn’t know about. Thanks!!

    • Shannon Says:


      Glad to know that this can be of assistance. I have been looking to. Stop back if you shop at Redners, that posts on Sunday.

  3. Kelly Says:

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!! I am so happy that someone is doing these deals. I will be checking back often!

  4. Liz Says:

    Thank you! I do the majority of my shopping at Weis – and I’m so excited to find some coupon match-ups! If only my store would take IPs now. Thanks so much!

  5. WOW the universe speaks! I’m actually online doing my Weis lists today. My inbox popped up with Mindi’s (Moms Need to Know) message feeder.. and there you were! I’m so glad to see someone else paying attention to Weis. It’s fast become one of my favs.

    A note, here in MD the BOGO bacon is on Gwaltney. There is also an Arm & Hammer dryer sheet deal 10/10 if you go to their website they’ve had coupons for up to $1 (I have 4 of them!) making them free. Also pay attention to the hanging Q boxes in the dairy section. I picked up 4 .50 Kraft shredded cheeses two weeks ago that are still good for this week’s Kraft 2/$4 deal. I’m now subscribing to your feeds! If you want MD input I’ll be happy to give it. THANKS

    • Shannon Says:

      Thanks so much! I added a new post with these details and please give input on MD. I am trying to see if I can get the MD ad sent to me, but no luck just yet!

  6. Caroline Says:

    I might just have to start shopping at Weis now! Thanks for the matchups! Anyone know – do the Weis stores vary as far as whether they accept IP’s? And what is the double coupon policy (or does that vary too?) Thanks so much!!

    • Shannon Says:


      According to Weis, the PA stores accept IPs and double. My official response from Weis corporate can be found under coupon policies. I would imagine if you took this policy to the store manager they can verify for you.

  7. Barb Says:

    Thank you this is wonderful. So excited you are doing Weiss and Redners! Haven”t seen them done yet. It’s such a big help.

    Thanks! Barb

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