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Weis Market – Updates & Adds April 30, 2009

Filed under: Deals and Steals — Shannon @ 8:34 am



Dipaolo Momma was kind enough to add a few deals to be noted for Weis.

1. Maryland Stores – The bacon that is BOGO is Gwaltney.

2.  She also reminded me that their was an Arm& Hammer dryer sheet coupon for $1.00 on smartsource or Weis website, and they are 10/10, making them free.

3.  Look out for the coupons in the dairy section, in the MD store she found some .50 Kraft shredded cheese and they match up to this week 2/4 Kraft Deal.

Thanks a bunch Dipaolo Momma and by the way, I quicked peeked at her blog, good stuff!

It’s a busy week at Weis, I am going there in a few minutes, will provide an update if I find anything else that is worth mentioning. Please let me know if I have missed anything else!


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