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Real Life Review – Dyson DC07 Original vs. Dyson DC17 Animal April 9, 2009

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Within the last week, I have had three phone calls from friends needing to replace their vacuum cleaner.  They wanted me to recommend a vacuum to them. This means either one of two things, they think I am really filthy or they think I am an expert about all things that suck. I am going to go with the latter.  I am a vacuholic, I like to vacuum, in fact, I obsess about when I will be able to vacuum again.  My son can sleep right thru the sound of the vacuum because I used to vacuum when he napped. Call me weird, but there is a certian gratification to having freshly vacuum carpets.  You know, the perfect lines, that remind you of a football field. 

I am a big fan of Dyson, but at the same time hate Dyson. I have two Dysons, a yellow one  DC07 (the original) and the purple one  DC17 (the animal).  I bought my yellow one in 2005.  It has had a work out almost every day and still works as good as day one. How good you ask? Let me just tell you that my original assumption about me being filthy could be true if you saw the amount of the “Crapola” that ends up in the canister.  It is not to heavy and works like a charm to clean my two staircases. The hose is extra long and I don’t have to drag the vacuum upstairs. Yes, I am in love with my yellow DC07.  After 4 years, I think I would kick the husband out before I would part with my vacuum.

Ironically, the DC 07 Animal, is the vain of my existence.  This vacuum is such a piece of crap, I wish I could suck it up with my DC07 because it belongs in the garbage. I paid significantly more this vaccuum when I purchased it in 2007 when we got our dog Lillie.  Lillie is a furry beast, who sheds more hair than I thought one dog could have in a lifetime. Since I loved my Dyson so much, I thought I would upgrade. Not. This clunker is awkward, everything gets caught in the belt in the bottom. It doesn’t suck nearly as well as the DC07. I believe I bought a purple lemon.  The hose on this thing is annoying! Why did they change a good thing? Is it really to much for people to pull the hose out on the DC07 ? I guess that is so, the one piece hose/wand on the DC17 just doesn’t stretch as far or in my opinon, work as well.

So when you ask me if you should buy a Dyson? I would say YES, but buy the lemon, not the grape!

The Good:  Go for DC07 -much cheaper and more likely to go with your decor.

The Bad:   Don’t buy the DC17 – save the money and get your dog a haircut.

Save $$ – Here is a nice little tip on how to get the DC07 for less money.  Bed Bath and Beyond offers a 20% off one item coupon.  Use this coupon on the $399.99 price tag, and save yourself ALOT of coin.

Disclaimer -Do not try and suck up your DC17 with your vacuum at home. A sledge hammer works better.


Real Life Product Review — Spot Shot

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Somewhere along the line, I had the brilliant idea to paint my office, mistake #1.  I decided to have my Dad help, mistake #2.  We started painting and decided to clean up for the night,  leave everything laying in the same place until the next day, mistake #3.  My dog decided to take a walk thru the paint and put about 200 blue paw prints on my light tan carpet.  After a few minutes of insanity, a friend recommended I go to Walmart and pick up some cleaner. Enter Spot Shot.  Can I just tell you how this little bottle saved me $600??? Every single blue paw print gone!

The Good: This stuff just might be able to take ANYTHING off a carpet.  No bleaching of the carpet, and the fibers don’t looked mashed down from scrubbing the product in. Dries nicely – no sign of stains.

The Bad:  The smell is pretty foul. Reminds me of an old kerosene heater my aunt had when I was a kid.  I researched and the product is non-toxic, but I would suggest opening a window if you are going to use the whole bottle in a 12 x 12 room like I did. I’d imagine you will only be cleaning up 1 stain, not 200.

The Verdict:  This is a must have on hand product , unless you want to do a Walmart run at 11pm.

Coupon: I found a coupon on their website at


Disclaimer: Yes, I am truly an idiot who left paint out for her dog to walk in.   I did use this product. No one asked me to or paid me to.  My experiences are not necessarily going to be your experience. I would not suggest you allow your dog to get paint on your carpet to see if your outcome will be the same.